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SETran Board of Directors

Jane Doe

Jane is the Community Engagement and Business Development Officer for Via Mobility Services. At Via, a community-based transit agency, she is helping the organization achieve its ambitious environmental and financial sustainability goals by incorporating new technologies into its operations and services. This work involves collaborations between nonprofits, local governments, research labs, and private sector companies. Jane has a JD from Tulane University Law School and an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa.

Janie Doe

Janie is our Ex-Officio and as such has no term. She is a Licensed Social Worker within the Area Agency on Aging at DRCOG and manages the Veteran Directed Care and Transitions program. She lives in Wheat Ridge.

Jill Doe

Jill is a policy and planning analyst. She’s worked at the Division of Transit and Rail at CDOT and Colo Ports of Entry doing grant management, organizational and program development, training and document production, planning, design, and roadway and building construction. She has a MA in planning emphasizing urban design and architecture. Jill lives in Wheat Ridge and is the outgoing board chair whose final term expires in 2020.

Johnny Doe

Johnny uses a wheelchair for mobility due to a crash in 2008, but even before his injury, he was an avid runner, soccer player, and cyclist, and he wants others to have access to all of those activities. In addition to serving on SETran, he is the national spokesperson for the DC-based International Parking and Mobility Institute's Accessible Parking Coalition. He also has a law named after him; the Johhny Doe Act was signed into law by Colorado Governor Hickenlooper in May 2018. Johnny has also been active in his community - he's served on commissions appointed by Denver's Mayor and Colorado's Governor - and has also volunteered with the Democratic party.